Distance Healing from the Core®

Created by Suzanne Scurlock, Distance Healing From the Core connects with your system at a cellular level to affect changes in your quality of life. If you’re experiencing emotional distress, are seeking mental clarity, or want to address physical pain or ailments, Distance Healing may be able to help.

When you book a Distance Healing session with Jennifer Yagos you will meet on Zoom, Skype or FaceTime. A webcam is not mandatory. In fact, you can also book a session to be carried out on your phone. A session lasts 45-60 minutes. Jennifer will facilitate you in navigating and tapping into your inner wisdom and the body’s intelligence to facilitate a path of healing.

Contact Jennifer to book a session, or to inquire further if you’d like more information.


Healing From the Core® is a Federally Registered Trademark of Suzanne Scurlock.