Frequently Asked Questions

How can I benefit from the Feldenkrais Method?
People report improved balance, better posture and skeletal alignment, less tension, decrease or elimination of pain.

How many Feldenkrais sessions will it take before I notice results?
This varies per individual, as everyone has a unique nervous system. Some people notice results after one session or one class. Oftentimes it will take more than one session or class, especially if this is a new experience for you, as there are fundamentals to learn about the learning methods.

Do I need experience to be able to attend an online class?
No experience is required to participate in an online class.

How do I use Zoom? Do I need a webcam?
Zoom is accessed using a desktop computer, laptop computer, tablet, cell phone, or using your landline. While it is helpful to have a webcam, it is not absolutely necessary. Most devices have a built-in microphone and speaker(s). You can choose to have your video turned off during Zoom classes.

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