Awareness Through Movement®

Awareness Through Movement (ATM) is a Feldenkrais lesson typically taught in a class setting, but can also be taught one-on-one. The student is verbally guided in performing gentle movements as the student’s attention is brought to various aspects of the movement, often leading to a movement which at the end of the lesson has improved quality. Movements build in complexity as the lesson progresses. The movement may feel more fluid, smooth, balanced, easy, or pleasant. Movements that are explored might include breathing, reaching, rolling, sitting from lying down, standing from sitting, walking, turning to look over your shoulder, etc. These movements can all be related to a daily function such as getting out of bed, getting up from a desk, strolling in the park, driving, etc. Lessons are commonly done lying on the floor, with some lessons done sitting in a chair or standing. ATM lessons are unique in that they benefit both the brain and the body, creating new neural pathways for flexible brains and bodies.

The best way to clarify and understand ATM is to participate in a class to experience the positive effects for yourself! It is recommended to attend more than one class when first starting, as there are many layers to the Method that become more apparent with continued exposure. However, it is not unusual to have relief of pain or improved sense of well-being after only one class. FIND OUT MORE AND SIGN UP FOR CLASSES HERE.


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