New Code NLP Coaching

Jennifer holds an online diploma as a New Code neuro-linguistic programming (NLP) coach. She specializes in health and lifestyle coaching, and is also certified in business coaching.

NLP works directly with the brain and body connection. As you work with a coach, you will be verbally guided through a process of making a deep connection with your unconscious, otherwise known as the autonomic nervous system. People seek out NLP to manage pain, to manage emotional challenges, to manage medical challenges, to explore social relationships, and to tame anxiety.

What to expect in a private session: Jennifer will verbally guide you through a mental exploration of your nervous system while you sit or lie down comfortably. You will be in complete control throughout the entire session. The intention of the session is to improve quality of life in any aspect that the client wishes to focus on. New Code NLP is particularly geared towards health care.

If you’d like to discuss with Jennifer if this would be a helpful modality for you, book a free 15-minute Clarity Zoom/Phone Session.