Sounder Sleep System®

Jennifer Yagos is an authorized Sounder Sleep System teacher. Founded by Michael Krugman, the system taps into the calming aspects of the nervous system to bring the body into a state of repose. Movement and breathing patterns are combined, slowing the body down to match the natural rhythm and pace of your resting system. Benefits include decreased anxiety during the day, ability to better handle stressful events, an overall feeling of peacefulness, and deeper, more restorative sleep. There are 3 aspects to the system: Guided Natural Breathing, DayTamer mini-moves, and NightTamer mini-moves. With a wide selection of techniques to choose from, you’re likely to find something that helps you.

To purchase recordings of past workshops, contact Jennifer. Each workshop contains one Guided Natural Breathing, one DayTamer, and one NightTamer recording. Private sessions can be scheduled by contacting Jennifer.




Sounder Sleep System® is a registered trademark of Michael Krugman.